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Dec 3, 2012 9:00pm PST
hit in the head with a baseball bat. specialist mendoza was shot and killed. he was our platoon medic. most people were getting shot in some way shape or form. as i moved forward to find where he was so i could link up with him, so he could be accountable for all of our people. he wasn't where i expected him to be, so i saw two -- whatever you want to call them, i'm going to call them bad guys carrying sergeant brennen away, and we did what we were trained to do. i eliminated the threat to the best of my ability. i killed one on the spot, the other bad guy jumped off the side of the cliff. i had the ability to grab him and run back the direction we came. it was a bad spot to be. as i ran back, i started to perform first aid on sergeant brennen. he was shot several times, he had shrapnel wounds on his body. i had the freedom to assess the situation. sergeant brennan -- i'm sorry, sergeant golardo and the rest of the first platoon were taking the brunt of the fire. that's what makes that bittersweet feeling, because so many people did so much more than i ever thought about doing, i was
Dec 29, 2012 8:00am EST
ends. >> reporter: 89-year-old george mendoza says he's the sailor in the photograph that would come to symbolize the end of world war ii and greta freeman, the nurse in white. the photographer snapped a picture. ten seconds is all it took. we took them to the spot of their kiss for the second time since that day in 1945. >> i did not see him approaching. before i knew it i was in this tight grip. >> reporter: how long did you kiss her? >> not long. >> reporter: greta was a dental assistant on break. george a first-class sailor in the naerch was on a date with another woman when he heard the news at radio city music hall and they stopped the shore and said the war is over the japanese have surrendered. he and his date then went to a nearby bar celebrating that he would not have to return to combat. >> the excitement of the war being over plus i had a few drinks. so when i saw the nurse, i grabbed her and i kissed her. >> did either of you see the picture when it was first published in kwf life" magazine? >> i'm sure i saw it. >> reporter: did you recogni
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)